Chocolate Soccer

24 Jun

“Hands on hips – Smiles on lips – Thinking about – Chocolate chips!”  These are the words that rang through my head all day yesterday.  And I know what you’re thinking: Why in the world was this running through your head all day, and, more importantly, what does it all mean?!

I’ll tell you.  This week, two of our YMI teams have joined forces in the great city of Auburn, WA, to lead two sports camps for local kids as part of the prerequisites for their trips this summer.  The Chocolate Chip Chant above is what the little girls learned in their cheer session…and what everyone else is trying to forget.  😉

The sports camp is a really great way to minister to local kids and teach them about baseball, soccer, cheer, and basketball all at the same time.  They get to sing awesome songs (with awesome hand motions), learn sweet sports skills, hear from local church leaders, and learn about Jesus.

This is the first sports camp I have been a part of since joining the YMI team, and I have had all kinds of fun being a part of it.  While the teams were training yesterday, I got to be their student and learn some killer soccer moves.  My coaches – Austin, Heather, and Mikaela – were crazy awesome, and I think I got pretty good, especially considering I knew nothing about soccer before they coached me.  In fact, I think my next career move is to play for the Seattle Sounders – Seattle’s much-loved soccer team.

My stellar coaches - Austin, Mikaela, and Heather

My stellar coaches - Austin, Mikaela, and Heather

I’ll leave you with this video (sorry about the lousy camera quality) of some of our YMI team members gettin’ their groove on as they prepare this morning for this afternoon’s sports camp.


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