Extreme Makeover: Office Edition

1 Jul

Last week I was at the sports camp, and this week my work life is back to normal, which means I’m back in the office again.  (Now I’m singing “back in the saddle again” in my head…)

Yesterday was an adventurous day to say the least.  After Brian and I sort of “debriefed” my sports camp experience, we took off for a trip to Office Depot and Walmart.  We probably had a little too much fun getting office supplies.  So much so that when we got back to the office we realized that we left some of our merchandise at the store.  Therefore, during our lunch we headed back to Office Depot to retrieve the lost item and, fortunately, didn’t have any trouble. 

The biggest thing happening around the office this week is our “remodeling.”  Since we just recently moved into this office, it still kind of looks like a storage room with pictures in the cubicles.  And although we don’t get much foot traffic through here (except for staff), we decided that it needs to look more aesthetically pleasing for those rare occasions that someone pops in on us.  So Brian and I – we’re the only ones in the office this week – brainstormed ways to make the office look more…well, like an office.  We moved some stuff around and hung some things on the wall, and now our office is transformed.  It’s like a whole new room!

So that’s my week in a nutshell.  Kind of lame, I know.  But it’s exciting for us here at YMI because we’re starting to feel more legit as an organization. 

*Sidenote: Have you ever had one of those moments where you’re talking to someone about something in the Bible and then you somehow come across it later?  I had one of those moments yesterday, and it just reminded me of how cool God is.  He brought a scripture to my mind while I was having a conversation with someone, and that particular scripture happened to be a part of my daily Bible reading the next day.  God is wonderful, isn’t he?!  (By the way, the scripture was Romans 10:14-17 – Read it, and be blessed!)


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