Permission to Get Sick

29 Jul

This week has been pretty exciting as far as work is concerned.  We have ordered a bunch of stuff for me – things like business cards and prayer cards – and they’re all turning out to be really nice and official-looking.  I feel pretty legit as an employee now.  🙂

This is me with some of my "official" work stuff!

This is me with some of my "official" work stuff!

In other news, I found out that I get to stay on my parents’ health insurance until I either (a) turn 25 or (b) get married.  We’ll see which one comes first, but either way it’s such a blessing.  Now I can get sick!  Just kidding…

My trip to Texas is falling into place slowly but surely.  I have made appointments for promotional work for YMI and other things.  I’m really excited to “get back to my roots” for a while, see some family, celebrate at a wedding, and raise some support.  I’ve even made an appointment to see the dentist!

Washington is really hot right now – although it’s nothing compared to Texas.  We’re hitting record highs for the area, and it’s unusually humid.  It usually gets cool at night, but not recently.  Fortunately, my host family has an air-conditioned house – a rarity in these parts.

And I’ve officially decided that it’s incredibly lame that the most exciting part of my blog is all about the weather.  But that’s what’s happening right now.  (I also changed my voicemail greeting – which I’m sure will excite those of you who have been duped by it in the past!)

I’m doing really well, for anyone who is wondering.  And I’m still enjoying living in Washington, despite this ridiculous weather.   So, no Daddy, I won’t be moving back to Texas anytime soon.  😉

Be blessed!


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