Knowledge is Power!

21 Oct

Hello friends!  Thanks for all of the super-duper-fantastic-awesome-stellar feedback on last week’s blog tour!  It seems that I had many guests come a-knockin to see my new dwelling.  I hope you enjoyed it.

Hannah (my roommate) and I, being the festive people we are, carved pumpkins to decorate with outside our door, and they turned out very fun.  I also toasted the pumpkin seeds, which turned out yummy.  Here’s a pic of my masterpiece:

Me and My Pumpkin

Me and My Pumpkin

We also set up a friendly looking scarecrow outside the door.  He’s definitely doing his job.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come up the stairs to our apartment door and had to stifle a scream because our scarecrow gave me a jolt!

For those of you who don’t know, Toy Story and Toy Story 2 have been showing in theaters as a 3D double feature.  Matthew and I saw them last week, and they were amazing!  We can’t wait to see Toy Story 3 next summer (click the link to see the official trailer)!!  What fun it is to revisit childhood memories…in 3D.

I have started tutoring (as I mentioned in a previous post), and I am really enjoying it.  Right now I’m tutoring a 4th grader in math.  The cool part is that I work with her in the classroom during the school day.  It’s so neat being a part of a classroom where young minds are being challenged and stretched.  I know it’s cheesy – but it gives me a thrill to witness change like that.  I’m reminded of the days of Schoolhouse Rock! – “Knowledge is Power!

Speaking of education, some of you know I’ve decided not to go to seminary after all (for various reasons).  As a Gates Millennium Scholar, I have the privelege of receiving up to 2 years funding for graduate school in the fields of Computer Science, Engineering, Library and Information Science, Mathematics, Public Health, Science, or Education.  Because of this opportunity, I think I’ve decided to get a teaching certficate and Masters in Education.  I’ve been looking at different schools and programs in the area, and I am really excited about the possibilities.

So that’s my world as of late.  To Infinity and Beyond!


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