Dear Reader

4 Nov

Dear Reader,

Today’s blog is dedicated to you.  Thank you for reading my blog.  Without you, my blog readership would be non-existent, which would make me sad.

From what I have gathered, some people actually enjoy reading my blog.  Some even think I’m *gasp* funny!  Never would I have imagined anyone being this interested in the rambling tidbits I post.

Reader, you put up with my cheesy antics and countless pleas for support.  You even take the time to click on links inside my blog.  Maybe you even eagerly anticipate my weekly blurbs/sentiments/what-have-you.

So, reader, because I’m so tickled that you read what I have to say, I would like to give back to you.  What topics would YOU like to read about on my blog? Give me your ideas – funny ones, opinionated ones, theological ones, whatever.  I hope to get some good feedback and then write on some of your topics over the next couple of weeks leading to the new year.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Brainstorm some ideas.
  2. Pick your favorites.
  3. Email them to me by clicking here (
  4. Check up on my weekly posts to see if your topic is chosen.

Thanks again for being faithful.  You’re the best!







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