Boys: The XY Chromosome

17 Mar

Boys.  In their 20s.  I do not get them.  At all.  For that matter, I do not get any of those with the XY chromosomes at all, no matter the age.  Why do they giggle at burps and farts, and why do they not understand the concept of showering daily?  I have come to the conclusion that I will never understand them (and I am pretty confident they feel the same way about us, ladies).

On the flip side, I had the fortunate(?) opportunity to get a glimpse into the masculine world a couple of days ago when Matthew and I were invited to hang out with some of his guy friends from work.  Here are a few things I learned:

  • Boys like to build fires and play with fire.  They are fascinated with it.
  • Much to my surprise, boys actually share with each other (whether it’s food or a good story).
  • Boy “A” will never pass up the opportunity to “one-up” Boy “B” (or “C,” or “D,” or…you get the picture).
  • Boys like girls.  Enough said.
  • Some boys are still chivalrous. (I know – I was shocked [and pleased] too.)
  • Boys do not mind spending hours and hours in the cold rain in the name of fun.
  • Despite their eagerness to “one-up” each other, they have an odd sense of loyalty.
  • Grammar matters nothing to 20-something boys.
  • All boys are still little kids at heart.  And I am pretty sure that never changes.  Ever.

In some ways I was surprised at the similarities between the male species and female species, but mostly I was dumbfounded at the differences.  And, yet, men and women are both created in the image of God (Gen 1:26).  What an interesting (and incredibly hard-to-understand) thought that is to me.

Nonetheless, my life would be a lot less interesting without the XY-ers.  And, to be honest, I am kind of glad I do not understand them.  There are probably things about them that I am better off not knowing!  Until next time…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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One Response to “Boys: The XY Chromosome”

  1. Mick Lathrop March 18, 2010 at 1:10 am #

    MMMM Fire.


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