Quick Update

10 Apr

So my aunt Tracy is dying for a blog update, but I don’t have a ton of time.  Therefore, here’s the condensed version.

I started the new job Monday, and it is awesome.  I basically get to hang out with a bunch of teens (12-18) all afternoon.  We run programs that help enrich their lives – things like smart decision making, career development, and healthy habits.  We also host a couple of fun events, like the concert we had last night.

My coworkers and supervisor are fun fun fun people – we have a great time working together.  The kids are awesome too.  They seem to have taken to me pretty quickly, which kind of surprised us all, and we are really pleased with that.  I’m quickly learning the ropes of the job and trying to get things in order along with my co-coordinator.  I’m staying super busy and trying to figure out how to manage my schedule (in and out of work), but I’m definitely not complaining.

Overall I’m loving the job.  Every day, after I leave work, I can’t help but say a quick prayer of thanks to the Lord for providing me with not only a job but a job I really enjoy.  I hope to have a better update sometime next week – I just couldn’t leave you all with nothing for so long!

Oh!  And as a sort of celebration for completing my first week, Matthew and I are headed to the famous tulip fields of Washington today!  In fact, he’s almost here.  Gotta jet!


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