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2 Jun

It’s been forever since I posted – I know.  Don’t be too upset with me, please.  You wouldn’t believe how crazy things are as I get closer to summer.  Sheesh.

Anyway, I’m doing pretty fantastic – I must admit.  Work is great.  Church is great.  Matthew and I are great.  I’m unbelievably joyful right now.  The Lord has been so good.  I try to remind myself periodically of what the Lord has brought me through this last year so that I stay continually thankful for what he’s given me.  It’s incredibly humbling, to be honest.  I feel so undeserving of his blessings, but he pours them out anyway.  What a good God I serve.

One of those blessings is financial.  I’m not saying I’m rich or anything, but God is keeping my head above water, and it’s a wonderful feeling.  After doing some number-crunching and budgeting, I determined that I should be able to be 100% out of debt by January 2011!  I can’t tell you what a joy it is and how excited I am to know such a terrific freedom as being out of debt!  And what a perfect way to start out the new year!

I’m also continually blessed by the Young Women’s Small Group that I lead at church.  My heart smiles when I see their familiar faces every Monday night.  We just started going through the book “Lies Women Believe” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss, and I’m so excited about it!  I think it’s going to be one of those books that finds a way to relate to each of us in one way or another.  Please pray that God will keep our hearts open to the Truth as we forge ahead through this book.

Pretty soon I’ll be taking on a new role at church that is somewhat unfamiliar territory for me, but I’m uber stoked about it.  I wish I could say more, but it’ll have to wait for another time. BUT, you can be in prayer for that, if you don’t mind.

And I have one last thing to mention before I go.  My friend, Jessica, has 2 adorable kiddos, Mattie and Calton – I believe I mentioned them in a previous post.  Anyhow, they’re obsessed with the movie Cars. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it about a million times since I moved in with them.  Earlier tonight, it was really quiet in the house and I was watching it with Calton (who was on my lap) during the section where Mater and Lightning McQueen are “tractor tipping.”  Lightning revved his engine to scare the tractor – and Calton nearly jumped out of my lap!  He was so startled, and I couldn’t stop laughing.  It was one of those moments that I just had to share!


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