Joseph, the Husband of Mary

8 Aug

I was reading Matthew 1 – 2 last night, with which I’m relatively familiar.  When I read parts of the Bible that I’m pretty familiar with, I tend to skim it unintentionally because I know it so well.  So as I was reading, I was trying to make a big effort to read with intention and praying that God would show me something new or remind me of something old.

Boy, did he.

As I was reading, the one thing (or should I say person) that kept sticking out to me was Joseph, the husband of Mary.  I don’t think we ever pay too much attention to Joseph because we’re so focused on the birth of Jesus by the virgin Mary.  But, oh my goodness, is Joseph ever important!  I never really noticed this before though.

My first thought was that he must have been pretty in tune with God to know that the dreams he got were from God.  And, second, he was so obedient!  I feel like those 2 chapters were repeating this idea: Joseph has dream, Joseph obeys.  Joseph has dream, Joseph obeys.  And to think: if Joseph hadn’t been so obedient, some of those ancient prophecies may not have been fulfilled.  What a big role!

Then the next thing I couldn’t get over was what an amazing man he was.  He was betrothed to Mary, legally bound to her.  And she winds up pregnant.  It never ceases to amaze me how much compassion he has by not leaving her in the dust right then and there.  My translation (English Standard Version) says that Joseph “resolved to divorce [Mary] quietly” (Matt. 1:19).  When I see the word “resolved,” it makes me think that Joseph weighed the options and picked the one that worked out the best for everyone involved.  I might be wrong about that, but something tells me I’m not.

And Joseph is such a great family man.  He did what was best for his wife, his son, his family no matter the cost.  Even though he faced public humiliation, he married Mary.  Even though he faced inevitable persecution, he fathered Jesus.  Even though he was human, he trusted the Lord’s will for his life.

I want to have an attitude like Joseph’s.  I want to be so close to my God that I obey without question and know without a doubt when God is speaking to me.  I want to put others before me and to show compassion.  I want to be an important part of kingdom work.

Abba Father, use my life to glorify you.  Give me discernment to know your will, and make your will mine. Show me how to put others before myself.  Draw near to me as I seek your face – I want to know you.


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