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Cabin Fever

23 Nov

I’ve had quite a bit of extra time on my hands the last two days because I’ve been snowed in the house.  So I thought, what better to do with my time than write a blog post?  And here we are.

We had some super snowy weather yesterday – I’m talking snow the entire day.  I couldn’t make it to work because I couldn’t find the driveway.

The driveway is supposed to be here somewhere…

It’s still on the ground today, but fortunately isn’t snowing anymore.  Since we’re trapped in the house, Jessica and Paul (the awesome couple I live with) have decided to start setting up the house for Christmas.  It’s slowly transforming from a house to a winter wonderland.  I love the Christmas season.  Love love love it.

With all this Christmas merriment around me, I can’t help but get a little bit homesick.  Christmas is always a big deal at the Clary house every year.  We have lots of traditions that date back before I can remember.  Decorating the Christmas tree together while listening to Mitch Miller & the Gang and afterwards watching “White Christmas” while drinking hot chocolate.  Watching “The Gathering” with my mom & dad – the other kids don’t really like this particular Christmas movie – and all of us getting teary-eyed at the end while trying to hide it from each other so we don’t look like big babies.  Baking and then decorating about a million Christmas cookies.  I love it all.

Christmas is a little different now that I live in Washington.  I don’t always get to participate in all the traditions, especially decorating the tree (which is the one I probably miss the most).  However, it makes me excited about one day having a family of my own with whom I can share these traditions and make traditions of our own.

This year I get to include Matthew in the cookie decorating holiday tradition after we fly to TX for Christmas, which is super exciting.  In the meantime, though, I’m going to decorate some Christmas cookies with the cutest 2-year-old and 4-year-old I know.  They just came out of the oven (and some of them straight into tummies), and now I’m waiting for nap time to end so that Operation Frosting and Sprinkles can commence.

Yum.  Can’t wait.  🙂